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Unique Benefits of Fox Chapel Tutoring 


Fox Chapel Tutoring provides convenient one-on-one SAT/ACT test preparation and academic subject tutoring that fits into your child's busy schedule. Our professional tutors equip your child with the right knowledge, SAT/ACT test-taking strategies, and confidence to perform at his or her highest levels. We'll ensure your child is ready, confident, and successful.


We believe students learn best from one-on-one instruction. They are more focused, engaged, and inquisitive. We'll create a personalized study plan that will improve your child's performance on standardized tests or in the classroom.

Our tutors provide a positive learning environment that will encourage and motivate your child. We arm students with the proper information, strategies, and concentrated practice that will help them become more self-assured. We'll make certain they are as confident as they can be - beforehand.

The success of our students is best measured by testimonials from parents and students. Read what they have to say about our services.

"After 8 sessions of one-on-one math tutoring with Sherman Snyder, my daughter better understood problem solving fundamentals and improved her math SAT score by 110 points. It was time and money well spent." - Parent


"If you are looking for a different, more effective kind of tutoring experience, Fox Chapel Tutoring cannot be beat." - Student


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 “The ideal investment to help your child succeed in the 21st century”





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